Tony Porteous

Technical Designer


About Me

I am a technical designer with a long history in video games and immersive theatre. I have a well rounded set of game creation skills from creative design to programming to project management. I am well suited to developing and implementing complex, overarching systems, and at coordinating tasks between departments.

Employment Summary

Fire Hazard Games

2016–2020 London, UK

Fire Hazard Games is a wholly owned subsidiary of Punchdrunk.
Technical Designer on multiple augmented reality game titles.

  • Technical Designer on multiple augmented reality game titles.
  • Lead designer for Jekyll/Hyde - 5 star reviewed immersive theatre / narrative adventure game
  • Full-stack Rails developer responsible for the technical direction of the company
  • Directed the work of coders, artists, writers, and actors
  • Designed and implemented the mobile UX/UI for multiple games


2015-2016 Farnborough, UK

Technical Designer on The Assembly (VR title)

  • Worked extensively with VR technology in both Unreal and Unity
  • Designed and directed custom UI and control solutions for VR games
  • Successfully pitched games and features for multiple projects


2012-2015 Guildford, UK

Game Programmer and GUI Developer for Godus and The Trail (Mobile Titles).

  • Programmed C++, C#, Lua and Actionscript
  • Directed the development of the GUI and all 2D game elements
  • Worked with Scaleform, Unity and Unreal to produce gameplay features

Other Employment

2016-2016: Rewind - Programmer at a VR/AR marketing company for 3 months.

2011-2012: Digital Extremes - Junior Technical Designer at a AAA games studio.

2009-2011: Frontier Development - Technical Designer at a AAA games studio.

2006-2009: Exient - Programmer and Junior Designer on multiple mobile titles.

2003-2004: Wow Entertainment - Industrial placement as a trainee game designer.

Education Summary

University of Bath

2001–2005 Somerset, UK

BSc. Computer Science: 2.1 honours degree
Sample modules include:

  • Advanced Computer Graphics
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Software Engineering
  • C++ and Algorithms

Winchester College

1996-2001 Winchester, UK

A-Levels: English [A], Maths [A], Physics [A], Art [B]
GCSEs: 3 grades at A*, 5 grades at A, 1 grade at B


The Journey Deck - A Kickstarter

Successfully launched a Kickstarter for a custom card game system.

  • £10K+ raised
  • Unique, highly detailed design with in-depth lore
  • Directed team of artists in development
  • 10K words of creative storytelling written
  • Unique game system designed for the project

Triage - Live Immersive Gaming Series

Designed and lead a team on a series of intense roleplay events.

  • 72 hour events including catering and accomodation
  • 40+ players and 30+ crew per event
  • 50K+ words of creative storytelling written
  • Lead development of custom electronic devices, movie-grade prosthetics, theatrical scenes, props and costumes
  • Unique game system designed for the project

The Broken World - Storytelling Events

Designed and lead a team on a 1 year social roleplay project.

  • 40+ players and 6 crew per event
  • 200K+ words of creative storytelling written
  • Designed and managed hundreds of interlinking plotlines
  • Unique game system designed for the project


Gameplay and System Design

  • A broad understanding of all areas of game design
  • Advanced skill in UX, UI and player psychology
  • Advanced skill in gameplay and systems design
  • Advanced skill in non-linear content design
  • Advanced skill in AR / VR design
  • Strong understanding of multi-discipline content pipelines
  • Strong understanding of broader strategic goals


  • Full-stack Rails developer (Ruby, Javascript, CSS)
  • Professional level skill in event/narrative scripting (Lua, Ruby, Javascript)
  • Professional level skill in game/system programming (C#, C++)
  • Experience with Arduino programming and electronics
  • Demonstrable skill at learning new languages quickly

Teamwork and Communication

  • Managed teams on complex, high-stakes live events
  • Directed work of coders, artists and writers
  • Excellent communication and listening skills
  • Track record of cross disciplinary collaboration
  • Chronic team player

Level Design, Art, Writing

  • Professional level skill with level editing tools (Unity, Unreal)
  • Professional level skill with Adobe Suite
  • Professional level skill at narrative design
  • 500K+ words of game content written

Documentation and Content Management

  • Produced design briefs for multi-discipline content creators (Art, Animation, Code, Writing)
  • Professional level skill with source control systems (Git, Perforce)
  • Professional level skill with data architecture tools (Excel, SQL, Firebase)
  • Skilled in the use of multimedia tools to communicate design concepts
  • Created successful design pitches

Further Study

Explored a diverse range of disciplines to advance my skills.

  • Completed online courses in game theory, social psychology and gamification
  • Consumed multiple books on game design, psychology, storytelling and management
  • Maintain a manual of game design principles and practises
  • Ongoing study in cinematography and storytelling